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work process flow chart

Everything related to high-frequency finned tubes. The finned tubes of Seoyoon Plant has been produced in this way.

  • Material
    Receiving& Inspection
  • Fin & Tube Supply
  •         Tube cleaning
  • High Frequency
    Resistance Welding
  • Finned Tube Coating
  •         Finned Tube
          Elimination & marking
  • Finned Tube Banding
  • Tube cutting&Bevelling
    Inside Cleaning
  •         Finned Tube
          Packing & Loading
  • Domestic & Export

fin tube


Finned tube


High frequency fin tube


Best Quality Finned Tube


High performance fin tube


Solid Finned tube


Serrated Finned tube


Twist Finned tube


Bent Finned tube


spiral welding fin tube


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